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Each of the partners in SUMITS is a member of the IMPACTS Europe network which has been in existence since 1998.  The network relies upon transparent communication and exchange of experience between major cities across Europe to respond to EU directives on urban mobility management and planning.

IMPACTS will host annual events under the SUMITS project to debate sustainable urban mobility issues and potential transport solutions that affect citizens.   We are very keen to expand the European coverage of IMPACTS and see the SUMITS project as an ideal means of achieving that aim by demonstrating the networks value as a conduit for understanding EU policies, communicating experiences and influencing decision makers.

Whilst the project is essentially a vehicle for debate, the outcome of the discussions and exchange of experience ultimately influence real implementations of policy and schemes in the cities. 

To learn more about the project we have created a SUMITS Leaflet

click here to download file


  With the support of the Citizens programme of the European Union