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SUMITS Project Launched
2-year project kicked off with a successful IMPACTS-SUMITS Conference in Vienna on 16-17 May 2013 attended by city representatives and transport planning students from Warsaw.

Each year we will take a fresh look at sustainable urban mobility issues and transport solutions that affect citizens in our cities.  In 2013 the event addressed the theme of "Redistribution of Public Space" with topics discussed covering new developments in sectors like cycling and walking as well as general sustainable urban mobility planning

Conference 2014
Continuing the focus on urban transport issues city representative again met in 14-16 May 2014 at a conference addressing “Managing Demand for Better Mobility in Cities” hosted by the city of Gothenburg.

Agreement amongst city leaders
Maria Vassilakou
, Vice Mayor of Vienna responsible for Transport, Energy and Climate Protection expressed her pleasure about the chosen subject which she considers of "extreme importance if we want to achieve the climate and energy goals of the European Union."  She went on to say "in Vienna it is our goal to promote cycling and walking due to its potential for addressing several interrelated challenges including traffic, air quality, creating a sense of community, and public health. Non-motorized transportation infrastructure can also provide economic benefits to the community."

Johan Nyhus Deputy Mayor of Gothenburg responsible for Urban Transport in the city echoed the comments of Mayor Vassilakou on the SUMITS conferences saying how happy he was that "continuity of debate was occurring on important issues that surround the climate and energy goals of the European Union".  In particular, he noted that "Gothenburg has had congestion charges for over a year, which has been effective in significantly increasing travel by public transport and cycling and reducing the number of car journey" adding that the "recently adopted new Transport Strategy outlines the itinerary for work towards a future sustainable urban mobility" and "he looked forward to discussing the challenges that arise when a sustainable urban mobility planning approach is being implemented."


Final Conference

Morten Kabell, Deputy Mayor of Copenhagen and President of IMPACTS invited delegates to our final gathering under the SUMITS project, which took place in Copenhagen 25-27 March 2015.  The event stimulated animated discussion around the theme of 'Active Livability for Health and Environment Benefits'


  With the support of the Citizens programme of the European Union